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Miss Universe 2018

I ’am a woman of persistence and character. As a child, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve in my life. This led to discrimination in my home town, where people reacted to my ideals by laughing and saying that my dreams were too big and I was only ever going to be a country girl. These taunts only spurred my soul on to achieve. Closing my eyes, I knew that I was living the modelling dream that a little country girl once imagined.

Today this woman from Santiago de Compostela is living the dream. I hope that my story inspires you to follow your ideals, with all its ups and downs, even in the face of criticism.

I love to dream, but most of all I love making my dreams a reality. And you, what do you, dream about?

Inspire those models that still do not succeed, remind them that it does not matter what nationality or What color is your skin, you can do it! And those that already achieved it Invite them to be part of a social good From your nation to the whole world.

More about me

I fear getting lost in the trappings of fame. I need to continue learning and remain ethical and sensitive in spite of striving for success in the fashion industry; an industry where one’s soul could easily break with so much exposure.

Your culture, religion, money, social status or personal desires, does not matter. It is a lie to believe that only some lucky few can arrive at their goals; anyone with hard work can achieve their goals.


Hip Size: 86 cm
Waist Size: 65 cm
Bust Size: 85 cm
Height: 1.73 cm


Pants Size: EU 32/34
Shirt Size: S
Shoes Size: 38