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In addition to being a model, I am an ACTRESS

Since I always liked the word ‘interpretation’, I remember having participated in plays.

The truth is that I decided to study interpretation for film and TV because I love being in the situation of a different character in every scene. This is something amazing as acting allows you to get into different life situations.

I know that my chosen professions are not easy but they are the ones that fulfil me. I hope every day to reach my dreams that I know are large but not impossible.

Only the one who believes in his or her dreams and feels them in their heart can reach them. I believe in what I do from the depths of my heart. To devote myself to what fulfils me and makes me happy is what keeps me going forward and allows me to make progress with my goals and dreams.

“Only those who believe in their dreams, and feel them with their hearts, can reach”

I hope people remember me as a great actress, as a girl who never tiered until she achieved this, and did not care what she was told because this made her strong in order to keep moving forward and not surrender.

One of the great actresses that I admire is Kate Winslet, not only for being a great actress but also for manage it in spite of what people said. She followed her dreams and pursued her happiness.

I hope to share with you all my achievements and that you are part of them. I also hope that my message spreads to many people in order to help them to keep fighting for their dreams.


Remember life’s challenges are not there to paralyse you but to help you discover who you are. Dreams come true if you have the courage to pursue them.

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